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What's Included

Figma File


Lifetime access — Free updates

All Components & Templates

Is there a free trail?

No, we don't offer a free trial at the moment. You can see some of the free components on the homepage.

What's included in the license?

You get a Figma file and HTML code for the components and templates. You can use them in your personal and commercial projects. Checkout the license page for more details

Can I use Myna UI for commercial projects?

Absolutely! Myna UI can be used to design and develop commercial projects, websites, apps, and more. You have the freedom to use the components in your projects and even create designs for clients.

Can I use the components in my client projects?

Yes, you can use the components in your client projects.

Any JS framework support?

No, we don't have any JS framework support. You can use the HTML code in any JS framework.

What version of Tailwind CSS is used?

We always use the latest version of Tailwind CSS.