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Everything you need to know about Myna UI


Is there a free trail?

No, we don't offer a free trial at the moment. You can see some of the free components on the homepage.

Why should I use Myna UI?

Myna UI offers a comprehensive collection of high-quality Figma components and React components that can significantly accelerate your design and development workflow.

Is there a dark mode version of Myna UI?

Currently, Myna UI does not offer a complete dark mode version. However, some individual components, such as footers, may have dark mode options available.

Is there a free version of Myna UI available?

Yes, we offer a free version of Myna UI that provides access to a selection of basic components and pages. While the free version does not include all the features of the pro version, it still offers a valuable resource for your design and development needs.


What's included in the license?

You get a Figma file and React code for the components and templates. You can use them in your personal and commercial projects. Checkout the license page for more details

Can I use Myna UI for commercial projects?

Absolutely! Myna UI can be used to design and develop commercial projects, websites, apps, and more. You have the freedom to use the components in your projects and even create designs for clients.

Can I use the components in my client projects?

Yes, you can use the components in your client projects.

Are there any limitations on how I can use Myna UI?

While Myna UI offers extensive flexibility, there are a few limitations. For example, you cannot redistribute or resell the components or templates as a standalone product. It's important to review our license agreement to understand the terms and conditions of use.


What version of Tailwind CSS is used?

We always use the latest version of Tailwind CSS.

What version of Figma is used?

We always use the latest version of Figma.

Are the code components compatible with different browsers?

Yes, the code components provided by Myna UI are designed to be compatible with modern and popular browsers. They are tested for responsiveness and compatibility.

Purchase and Support

Can I get an invoice for my purchase?

Yes, you can generate an invoice for your Myna UI purchase. You can find the option to generate an invoice in your account settings.

What is your refund policy?

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a full refund within 14 days of your purchase date. Please note that certain conditions apply, and you can review our refund policy for more details.

How do I access updates after purchasing?

Once you've purchased Myna UI, you'll receive email notifications about updates and improvements. You can download the latest files from your account on our website or follow the instructions provided in the update notifications.

What support options are available if I need help?

We do not offer any techical support regarding how to use Myna UI in Figma or with Tailwind CSS. However, if you have any issues with Myna UI website, you can reach out to us via email: and our team will be happy to assist you in a timely manner.


Is Myna UI affiliated with Figma?

No, Myna UI is not affiliated with Figma or its development team. It is an independent UI kit created by our team to provide designers and developers with a powerful resource for building modern and beautiful interfaces.

Do I need to have experience with Figma to use Myna UI?

While some familiarity with Figma can be beneficial, Myna UI is designed to accommodate users of various skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer, you'll find value in the components and resources provided by Myna UI.

Can I customize the components in Myna UI?

Absolutely! Myna UI components are designed to be highly customizable. You can easily adjust colors, typography, spacing, and other design elements to match your project's branding and style.

Do I need to credit Myna UI in my projects?

While you're not required to give explicit credit to Myna UI, it's always appreciated if you mention that you used Myna UI components in your project. This helps support our work and lets others know about the resource.

How often are updates released for Myna UI?

We're committed to providing regular updates to Myna UI. Our team works diligently to add new components, enhance existing ones, and keep up with the latest design trends. You can expect to receive updates periodically to ensure your UI kit remains up-to-date.

Can I suggest new components or features for Myna UI?

Absolutely! We value feedback from our users and welcome suggestions for new components or features. Your input helps us improve Myna UI and make it even more valuable for designers and developers. Feel free to reach out to us with your ideas.

Do you provide documentation or tutorials for using Myna UI?

No, we don't provide documentation or tutorials for using Myna UI right now. Meanwhile if you have any doubts, you can reach out to us via email: and our team will be happy to help you.

Is Myna UI suitable for both beginners and experienced designers?

Absolutely, Myna UI is designed to cater to a wide range of skill levels. Beginners will find the intuitive components easy to work with, while experienced designers can leverage the advanced features and customization options to create intricate designs.

Do you offer discounts for students or educational institutions?

Yes, we offer discounts for students and educational institutions. If you're a student or represent an educational institution, please contact us with your details, and we'll provide you with information on our special pricing.